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Peg's Family Daycare
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Our daughter enjoyed full time Daycare with Peg for a year and it was a wonderful experience. We completely trust the owners and they provide a truly extended family atmosphere for their kids. Victoria learned a lot, got to spend time with a nice small group of kids, and she was always taken care of. We continue to use their services whenever we need. They are a great choice!

Sabrina Miller          October 8, 2017
"I love Peggy". She provides a home full of energy, love and compassion for children. She is empathetic to their needs, nurturing, and at the same time instills discipline and manners with them. She teaches letters, numbers, colors and shapes with the older kids. Her home is clean, she has a great back yard and is always aware of the kid's surroundings. I would not hesitate in recommending Peggy to anyone.

Edith                     Nov 3rd 2009  
“Superstar Caregiver  

Peggy R. has been a lifesaver for our family! She has cared for our newborn son for the past four months and we couldn't be happier. We feel he is safe and in a warm and caring environment. We enjoy knowing that he is in good hands each day. The quality of care she provides is topnotch; the way a family member or grandmother would care for a child! Peggy is very professional and always responds to phone calls and email right away. If you are looking for a caregiver who really "cares", Peggy is the person to entrust with your child.  

Lisa J.                     10/23/2009 
I have known Peg Raymond for almost thirty years. I have always considered her to be a good, honest and caring friend of whom I trust greatly. She cared for my granddaughter from the time she was 6 weeks old until she was almost 2 and my daughter moved to Washington to be with family. 

Peggy not only gave Allison fabulous care. but she also loved her as her own. I witnessed Allisons delight when she would see Peg and Pegs reaction mirrored Allisons. My daughter and I felf extremely grateful that Peg was able to care for Allison. I always knew that Peg was wonderful to her and she was safe and well cared for.

I hightly recommend Peggy Raymond for your daycare needs.  

Debbie Billings      Jan. 4, 2009
I originally knew of Peggy Raymond through her services for my eldest daughter’s children. My daughter and her children couldn’t say enough good things about her.

When a family emergency made it necessary for me to take care of my youngest daughter’s children I immediately thought of Peggy.I have never regretted this decision. Her home and backyard are safe, clean and child friendly. She feeds them healthy lunches and snacks. She works with them on their alphabet and numbers as well as crafts. She limits their use of the television as well as monitors their choices. She is an effective referee. The children all think of her as an extended grandmother. 

I have no hesitation recommending her as an extraordinary babysitter. 

GAIL V. REMIS       Aug. 8, 2008
This letter is in reference to Peggy Raymond who watched my children full time for about three years and watches my children now during some school breaks. I found Peggy to be very reliable, responsible and loving towards our children and would recommend her child care services to anyone. Our daughters love spending time with her and our whole family considers her now much more that a child care giver but a cherished extended member of the family and friend. 

Christina & Todd Fisher-Aug. 5, 2008
 My husband and I love Peggy and Randy. They are part of our family and are like grandparents to our son, Nicholas. Nicholas adores them both and has been in their care for almost two years. We are truly blessed to have met Peggy and Randy!! Never before had we met such compassionate, loving, and caring people. They have unlimited experience and are able to help with anything. We've learned a lot from Peggy and Randy and know that Nicholas has too. Nicholas is already able to count to ten and recognize the letters in the alphabet, up to the letter "E". We love Peggy and Randy tremendously and recommend them to anyone lucky enough to have the opportunity. They are definitely one of a kind!

Cindy Skiff
Peg and Randy are wonderful caregivers! I feel like my son is at a family members house. They truly love and care for him. He started at daycare at 4 months old, and being a first time mom I was so worried! I couldn't have picked a better place. I would definitely recommend Peg and Randy to Peg and Randy are wonderful caregivers! I feel like my son is at a family members house. They truly love and care for him. He started at daycare at 4 months old, and being a first time mom I was so worried! I couldn't have picked a better place. I would definitely recommend Peg and Randy to anyone!

Stephanie Chesin October 3, 2017

I brought my son here at 4 months old. As first time parents, my husband and I were terrified to leave him with anyone! Our fears were quickly alleviated as we saw how well they cared for our sweet boy. Peg and Randy are the next best thing to me being home with him. My little boy loves them like family and thats everything I could ever ask for.

Latisha West                   July 5, 2017
Peggy and Randy are some of the best caregivers around. They have watched my boys for over two years. It was nice having peace of mind that they were well taken care of and happy to go there each day. They have built their backyard to be a kids play land. I appreciate that they balance indoor and outdoor play.

Sara Stocking                     August 8, 2016
We have taken our son to Peg's daycare for the last 2 years full time and it's the BEST thing we did. Our son learned great knowledge like ABC's, counting, songs, manners, etc... We are thankful that our son is loved, safe, and has a blast. We would recommend Peggy and Randy 100%. Peg's daycare is always winning awards by the city and they deserve it!!!

Denise Hapner November 7, 2016
Our son began full-time daycare with Peggy and Randy when he was 3 months old. On the first day there he experienced love and caring from all the kids and Peg and Randy. Over the next three years he had so many great experiences that it is impossible to recount them. Their home and back yard provide hours of fun and adventure. Peggy and Randy are like family to us now. I would also add that they are very trustworthy caregivers. our son had several medical issues when he was only a year old and it was very difficult to leave him but I knew that he was in good hands and would receive all the care and attention he needed. Now that he has moved on to pre-school our son asks to go to their house to visit all the time. We hope to foster his relationship with Peggy and Randy for many years to come.

Heather Dyer                  September 17, 2015
Peg and Randy have been watching our son for the last 9 months. They have been really helpful with his special diet. He is excited to go to daycare everyday, could not be happier with their service

Chris Hapner                           September 4,2015
Our family was very blessed to have Peggy and Randy Raymond as our full time daycare provider from February 2009 to September 2013. Peggy and Randy cared for our daughter Gabby who started with them from age 1 and just recently left to begin school at age 5. I would highly recommend them for any future child care and if we were lucky enough to have another child this is where I would take them. Peggy and Randy are gentle, calm and nurturing people. They have an easy going personality and strive to do their best. They handle stress well, and are very dependable and flexible. They are truly passionate about working with children and develop a great relationship with each individual one. They take time to recognize where your child is developmentally and work with them in the early stages on their motor skills. As they grow they continue this by helping with the alphabet, counting, colors, and by really helping them develop and grow into their own personality. Their backyard is amazing and the kids truly love it out there, they have so many fun toys and things to keep them busy. They also have lunch out there in the summer and it is fun for them to have picnics. They do an amazing job of capturing all the special moments and taking many photos to share with you, so as a working parent you don¿t feel like you¿ve missed out on things or funny moments. They provide a balanced breakfast and lunch along with accommodating any special requests you may have or ask for. At the end of each day they take time to talk to you about how the day was, any new things that may have come up and share very openly any behavior concerns they might have had. During Gabby¿s time there they were also very instrumental in aiding in the potty training process, we worked from a sticker chart and they adopted all our same practices and routines to ensure there was consistency. They always made me feel like I was leaving my child with family and Gabby sees them this way as well. We came across several Saturdays where she asked to go to Peggy¿s house. Even since starting school she has asked to go back and just recently spent a few days there for her Thanksgiving break. She was ecstatic to hear she was getting to go back and see them along with some old friends. While we do not need their services full time anymore (as our child is getting older), we consider them to be members of our family and still share with them milestones and pictures as she grows. We give them great thanks and praise for helping us to raise such a wonderful daughter and she would not be who she is today without their loving care. 

Bob and Yolanda Dunn November 2013
Peggy and Randy are amazing! Our family felt so very lucky to have found them. They were our daughter’s full time daycare providers from the time she was 3 months old until she was almost 4 years old (2010- 2014). We can remember being so nervous when having to leave our daughter for the first time when we both had to work full time. They were so kind and understanding. They let us come by and check out their home and talk with them at length and were open to any questions we had. We truly feel like they are a part of our family. We have nothing but the best to say about how much they have cared for and loved our daughter, Ellie. We would highly recommend them to anyone that was looking for a family environment that you can trust to care for and nurture your child. Peggy and Randy always looked out for daughter’s best interests and would openly communicate with us about her day and let us know if they had any concerns. Our daughter always had so much fun with them and often times over the weekend when she was bored with us, she would ask, “Can I go to Peggy’s house?” They provide many different activities and games for all different ages of children. They have such a fun, inviting, and safe backyard where the kids love to play and enjoy outside time. Peggy and Randy also supported our potty training efforts with our daughter and were wonderful with giving positive reinforcement. Our daughter tends to be a “picky” eater and they made sure she tried new foods and would keep us informed about her eating habits. We could go on and on about our positive experience with Peggy and Randy. What made us, as parents, feel confident in them as daycare providers was that we knew our daughter was always in good hands. They would openly communicate with us and we knew we could (and still can) count on them if we need them for anything. As it was time for our daughter to start a new chapter in her life, preschool, we were sad to leave. However, we know they will still be a part of our lives and always be part of our family. If we have more kids, we would hands down choose Peggy and Randy to care for them, like they have so lovingly for our daughter. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

 Lisa and Rob Scoggin July 2014 

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I love Peg and Randy. We took our daughter to them for 3 years. They became a second family to us during that time. They took such great care of her during that time. I know for a fact that when we have our next baby he/she will go to them!!here to add text.

Allison Falgren                  July 5, 2018